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Irvine Federal Claims Tax Litigation Attorney

Irvine, California, Lawyer for Complex Federal Tax Litigation

Some tax matters are difficult to resolve through the audit-and-appeal process and ultimately require tax litigation in federal court to obtain a just result. After pursuing all more cost-effective options or reviewing the facts of your case thus far, I may recommend that you consider taking the dispute to the Court of Federal Claims.

If you are being pursued for unpaid taxes or have been victimized by an erroneous or questionable IRS audit, please contact me now at Tax Litigation Law Office of Scott Kauffman in Irvine, California.

Evaluating Your Entire Case and All Legal Options

After you receive an audit and a notice of deficiency — or if a jeopardy assessment and seizure have taken place — your options for contesting a tax liability become more limited. This is why it is critical to consult a focused tax attorney from the first time you are contacted by the IRS if possible. However, even if solid audit representation and pursuit of your appeal at the IRS level fails, we may be able to pursue federal tax litigation in either:

To take your case into litigation in a federal court other than Tax Court, you must prepay the tax amount in question. We can then move forward to presenting evidence that may erase that tax liability or later re-open negotiations for an offer in compromise, installment plan, or other, more reasonable outcome that avoids levies and liens on your property or other extreme consequences.

Judges in the Court of Federal Claims have variable amounts of tax experience and knowledge. In addition, I may determine that the precedent — standard for deciding your case — in this court may be more favorable given your specific circumstances.

Take Your Challenging Tax Problem to an Experienced, Creative Lawyer

Based in Orange County, I have practiced law and engaged in litigation across the state of California. I understand federal court procedures as well as all means of negotiation for more favorable outcomes than full payment of all the government says you owe — from court decisions absolving you of tax liability to payment plans that may enable you to satisfy the debt and recover.

Regardless of how serious your tax matter appears, I encourage you to contact me for a consultation on your legal options.