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California Tax Court Attorney

Skilled Representation for Tax Appeals and Litigation in Irvine, California

Thousands of people and businesses are audited or otherwise questioned by the IRS each year. Adverse results and bad news are common after a tax audit, but you or your business can use many legal avenues to defend your rights and seek a just result.

I, Scott Kauffman, am a California tax court attorney with more than 20 years devoted solely to practicing tax law. While the best time to consult me is before an audit or investigation takes place, I can also help most clients if they act quickly following the determination that they owe money to the IRS or the state of California.

If you are already engaged in a dispute with (or have received communications from) a tax authority or you are concerned about a pending audit of your tax returns, call my office immediately at 949-474-1820. You may also contact my tax defense law office online to schedule an initial consultation.

Time is of the essence in most tax-related matters. It is especially important to recognize that an Appeals Division hearing is your foremost and least costly option in most cases, but we must act properly to get your appeal granted within 30 days of the audit’s conclusion.

A Tenacious, Knowledgeable Orange County Tax Lawyer Willing to Go the Distance

I am prepared to challenge an adverse finding by all available means, in all venues. I will investigate and get a grasp of your exposure and legal options, and then present you with various scenarios, including likely costs of litigation, potential benefits and risks. My goal is to achieve the best possible result for your situation at the lowest cost possible.

Together, depending on your precise circumstances and financial resources, we may choose to pursue your case by:

  • Exercising your right to appeal a poor or unjust audit outcome — with the reinforcement that most appeals officers pride themselves on getting to the right result; with an objective, independent approach. Approximately 90 percent of matters I handle are resolved in appeals division hearings.
  • Taking your case to Tax Court if I am unable to reveal sufficient flaws in the audit or negotiate an acceptable outcome via appeal
  • Taking the matter to the next level if necessary, entering Tax Court or District Court tax litigation or filing a claim in the Court of Federal Claims

Few attorneys in Southern California can match my level of tax litigation education and experience. I look out for my clients in every way possible, emphasize total preparation, and am unfailingly honest in delivering guidance based on potential gain versus risk.

Contact My Tax Litigation Law Office Today — 949-474-1820

I know the different standards and precedents in the various courts that may benefit your case. Further, I know particular nuances that might enter the picture, enabling me to offer personal, confident legal guidance to almost any business owner or other individual facing the possibility of tax litigation.

Contact my tax litigation law office online today, or call 949-474-1820  to discuss your situation with me as soon as possible. The sooner you contact my office, the sooner we will be able to work toward the result you deserve.