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Irvine Wrongful Disclosure Suit Attorney

Has the IRS Wrongfully Disclosed Your Tax Information?

Generally speaking, unless you are charged with tax evasion or another crime, you have a right to expect and demand confidentiality when it comes to your tax information. Federal law prohibits the IRS and its employees from sharing information about your tax status with any third party — whether that be a media representative or someone else.

Pursuing a suit based on “wrongful tax disclosure” or a similar violation of federal law may require an attorney with a strong understanding of taxation, the hierarchy and structure of the IRS, and civil procedure. To discuss your potential case, please request a consultation.

A Personal, Respectful Approach to Anyone Feeling Victimized

If you have reason to believe the IRS has wrongfully disclosed information about your tax returns, unfiled returns, an audit in process or completed, back taxes you owe, or other material that should remain confidential, please contact me, tax lawyer Scott Kauffman. I will:

  • Sit down with you to thoroughly discuss circumstances and evidence
  • Research precedents — both verdicts and damage awards — in various jurisdictions and analogous cases, and
  • Strive to give you a strong sense of certain and potential costs of pursuing a wrongful tax information disclosure suit

Turn to a Proven Litigator and Advocate for Taxpayer Privacy

Prior to dedicating my legal career to tax law over 20 years ago, I spent plenty of time in court dealing with criminal defense, prosecution, and civil lawsuits. This experience is invaluable in enabling me to envision a case, assess the opponent’s exposure and willingness to fight, and offer guidance on whether damages you may recover justify filing a wrongful disclosure suit against a tax authority.

The Tax Litigation Law Office of Scott Kauffman is located in Irvine, California.I frequently assist clients throughout counties and communities surrounding Southern California. Wherever you reside in California, however, you are welcome to contact me to discuss issues concerning a potential lawsuit based on wrongful disclosure. It’s all part of an overall mission I hold dear: keeping the government honest and holding them accountable to the law.