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Irvine Tax Evasion Lawyer

Tax Audit Representation And Fraud Defense In The Irvine, California, Area

Being accused of tax evasion or fraud is a nightmare for anyone, and it can be especially damaging if you are a business owner or prominent professional whose livelihood depends on a reputation for fair dealing and integrity. Although you may be subject only to civil/financial penalties if an IRS audit reveals tax evasion, these penalties can be substantial and you have a lot at stake.

It is critical to get a qualified tax attorney involved as soon as possible if you will be audited — whether or not you believe the audit may reveal some form of tax evasion. If you have already been audited and told you have additional liability, you may have numerous options for contesting that finding or working it out — if you act quickly.

Understated Income or Receipts — Illegal Deductions — Mistakes in Tax Preparation

The terms tax evasion and tax fraud refer essentially to the same kinds of activities. The IRS audits small business owners and relatively high-earning individuals most frequently. Some of the most common allegations and violations involve:

  • Failure to report all gross business receipts or personal income on your tax return
  • “Manufacturing” deductions such as charitable donations
  • Diverting business income to Swiss or other offshore bank accounts without reporting it — an increasingly risky practice with current levels of awareness and cooperation between many international authorities

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Tax evasion and many other tax crimes are among the most difficult to prove of all offenses, and I know many valid strategies for avoiding or minimizing the impact on you. With over 20 years of experience focused in this area of law, I can say with some authority that the biggest mistake people make is attempting to deal with the IRS independently.

You may be understandably fearful of severe consequences including potential jail time, but cases tend to go much better when you let me — longstanding, respected California tax lawyer Scott Kauffman — do all the talking and negotiating necessary on your behalf. Whether you are innocent or simply want to minimize consequences, I am here to help.