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Irvine Tax Audit Attorney

Guidance and Action Throughout Your Federal or State Tax Audit

In recent years, the IRS has dramatically increased its efforts to identify and collect unpaid federal tax revenue. The primary targets of audits — because the IRS sees the most potential — are small business owners and people making more than approximately $200,000 per year.

I am a proven, focused tax lawyer with decades of deep experience dealing with all types of business and individual tax problems. Please contact me now if you have been notified of an audit by mail or contacted by phone by either an IRS agent or any representative of a California tax authority. You will work only with me, attorney Scott Kauffman — not a paralegal or less experienced lawyer — as we sort out the best way to deal with any:

Put Experience and Preparation On Your Side in Any Tax Controversy

I approach tax audit representation with great diligence, recognizing that you have a lot at stake and a high level of preparation on our side may be the only way to avoid or minimize any adverse consequences for you. On a basic level, our approach includes:

  • Handling any and all negotiations with the tax authority on your behalf, so you do not have to be concerned with self-incrimination or costly mistakes
  • For a business owner, review of all available records of income and expenditures to determine your exposure and the best ways to account for errors or improprieties
  • For an individual, a similar rework of tax returns subject to the audit, in order to gain a full accounting of anything the IRS may find questionable, deductions you may have missed, and other essential information

Gathering elusive or lost data may be a challenge in your case, and I am resourceful in finding the best way to defend your financial and personal interests. I can help whether you are absolutely innocent or need help dealing with unpaid tax obligations and collection efforts. To discuss your situation personally and discreetly with me, please call or e-mail my Irvine, California, office today.