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Irvine Innocent Spouse Protection Lawyer

Southern California Attorney Tax Attorney

Defending Innocent Spouses from Tax Penalties

If you filed a joint tax return and later discovered your spouse made a mistake, don’t attempt to negotiate directly with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – you need an experienced tax lawyer. My name is Scott Kauffman, and I have protected clients audited by the IRS for more than 25 years. Contact me to schedule an initial consultation and find out how I can help you.

Tax Attorney with over 25 Years of Experience

I began my legal career in 1977, developing effective trial skills as a county prosecutor and public defender. In 1986, I obtained a Masters of Laws (LL.M.) in taxation and started the Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kauffman to help clients with complex tax law matters.

Since then, I have defended thousands of clients in front of the IRS, Tax Court and numerous administrative tax authorities in California. I have a broad understanding of tax law at the state and federal level, including provisions protecting innocent spouses whose taxes were filed by their husband or wife without their knowing of mistakes on the return.

Providing Innocent Spouses with an Aggressive Defense

If the IRS is knocking at your door, you need a seasoned tax attorney to protect you. When you work with me, you work directly with me — not a paralegal or a legal secretary.

During an initial consultation, I will listen to your concerns, while asking specific questions, such as:

  • Did you and your spouse have separate assets?
  • Did you know about your spouse’s off-shore bank accounts?
  • Did you and your spouse separate during the tax year?
  • Did your spouse forge your signature on the tax return?
  • Did you sign the tax return, believing your taxes were paid?
  • Were you unaware your spouse made money through illegal activities?

These questions help me understand if you qualify for innocent spouse relief protection. I have extensive experience negotiating with the IRS and work to develop a persuasive argument, detailing why you should not be held accountable for serious tax evasion penalties.

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Innocent spouse relief will protect your credit, while removing liens against your bank account and wages. I have successfully defended thousands of clients, and I’m ready to help you.

Contact me by e-mail or call me at 949-474-1820 to schedule an appointment.