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Irvine Tax Relief Attorney

IRS Tax Debt Settlement Attorney in Irvine, California

Offer in Compromise – Innocent Spouse Relief

The concept of IRS “tax amnesty” is something of a myth. But you may be eligible to negotiate with the IRS to pay a lesser amount and call it even. If you are unable to pay your tax bill, or if you are an innocent spouse stuck with a tax liability, I can help.

The Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kauffman represents clients in Orange County and surrounding areas. If you are a small business owner or individual taxpayer in need of tax relief, I can help. Contact me for a consultation with an experienced tax lawyer.

Offer in Compromise – Settle for Less than You Owe!

With penalties and interest compounding daily, it becomes mathematically impossible for some companies or taxpayers to ever pay off the IRS.

Outstanding tax liabilities can prevent you from getting a home mortgage or car loan. Banks won’t even speak to you with a federal tax lien on your credit report, or they will grant your loan at very high interest rates.

If you qualify, the Offer in Compromise (OIC) program allows you to pay the IRS a lesser amount that wipes out the total tax debt, penalties and interest you owe. When the amount is paid, all federal tax liens are released. The Offer in Compromise program is the only way in which the IRS will accept less than the amount due.

Can I Make an Offer Myself?

Taxpayers who submit their own offers frequently make two mistakes:

  • Offering too much
  • Incurring criminal prosecution for tax fraud by trying to outsmart the IRS

Don’t run the risk! An experienced tax lawyer can minimize the amount of your offer and keep you out of jail. Tax Litigation Law Office of Scott Kauffman will handle the negotiations entirely – you may not even have to meet the IRS agent.

What If My Offer is Refused?

You have the right to file an appeal, and the IRS really does provide an independent review. I have obtained some outstanding results from the appeals officers. Although offers in compromise can be quite difficult, I have a very high success rate with offers in compromise.

If you are among those few whose offer is not accepted, even after appeal, I don’t just write you off. Once you retain my services, I stay on the case until we resolve your tax problem once and for all, working to eliminate tax liability or minimize the amount that you must ultimately pay. If an offer in compromise is not an option for you, I use my knowledge and experience to find a solution that will work for you, such as bankruptcy or other solutions.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Before 1998, there was little relief for taxpayers who discovered their (usually former) spouses were shielding income or failing to file tax returns. The IRS philosophy seemed to be: “You married the bum. Tough luck. Now pay up.” And then the poor spouse would be harassed and saddled with federal tax liens.

Congress amended the law to provide a legal recourse for the innocent spouse when the dishonest spouse has incurred a tax liability without the other’s knowledge. I have assisted both men and women – divorced, legally separated or still married – in having the innocent spouse’s tax liability erased or substantially reduced. For more information, read my article Innocent Spouse Relief or talk to me personally about your tax problems

Contact an Experienced California IRS Tax Debt Settlement Attorney

If you have debt from unpaid taxes that you can’t hope to ever pay or have tax debt incurred by a spouse or ex-spouse, I can help. I assist clients with IRS settlements and offers in compromise for tax liability. Contact my Irvine-Orange County law firm for advice and representation.