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Irvine Lawyer – Tax Payment Plans

Irvine, California, Attorney Prepared to Negotiate Payment Of Tax Debt

Whether you have built up a substantial tax liability over time or recently been audited and either exhausted your viable options or do not wish to appeal, you may need a skilled and respected tax attorney to aggressively target a solution you can live with. In the majority of cases, this requires skilled negotiation of a reasonable installment payment plan based on your ability to pay.

If you owe taxes you cannot pay, waiting and worrying is the worst approach — second only, perhaps, to acting on your own and trying to “outsmart” the IRS or state tax authority. A much better choice is to contact me, attorney Scott Kauffman, for a personal consultation to assess all available options.

I Know Your Options And Strategies For Making Them Work

Having helped people overcome all kinds of IRS and California state tax problems over the past two-plus decades, I know what negotiating strategies and “fall-back” scenarios work for individuals and businesses. I also keep a hand on the pulse and current climate for IRS leniency in difficult economic times.

If you have an overwhelming, potentially crippling tax liability, regardless of how it was generated — or if you are an innocent spouse — I want to help in any way I can. In addition to analyzing your financial situation and arriving at a solid, workable payment plan proposal for a term of up to 10 years, this may include:

  • Exploring other options including an offer in compromise — the only way to legally get the IRS to accept a lesser amount and release damaging, costly federal tax liens
  • Analyzing whether some form of bankruptcy — typically Chapter 7 for individuals or Chapter 11 “reorganization” for a business or a Chapter 13 wage-earner/repayment plan — may be the right solution for you, and helping you locate a capable lawyer to work with you on that solution

Targeting The Best Available Solution To Your Tax Predicament

Working out a payment plan with the IRS collections authority is by far the most common way for people to effectively deal with a significant tax debt. I am committed to presenting all facts that should be considered in establishing how much you can pay on a monthly basis. For personal, professional representation you can trust, please call or e-mail me, attorney Scott Kauffman, as soon as possible.