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Irvine Tax Appeal Lawyer

Bad Tax Audit News Is Not The End Of The Battle

Whether we provide tax audit representation and are unable to prevent an adverse finding, you are dissatisfied with the efforts of a different California tax attorney, or you have not yet hired a lawyer, a negative audit result does not have to end the process of seeking justice. You have the right to appeal a tax audit finding.

Too many Californians fail to pursue their right to appeal a tax audit result or wait too long (beyond 90 days, under current law) to hire a solid attorney. I have a strong record of achieving positive outcomes and negotiating favorable compromises in Appeals Division hearings.

Taking The Audit Process And Specific IRS Agent’s Tendencies Into Account

Many IRS agents who conduct audits are solid, conscientious professionals. Some are especially zealous, and others are prone to mistakes. In preparation for an appeals division hearing, I will analyze precisely what led to the adverse decision against you.

“Starting Over” With A Tax Appeals Officer Who May See Your Case Differently

If an appeal is appropriate and the cost-benefit ratio looks good to you, I will then take advantage of factors including:

  • The approach of most appeals officers, who often take pride in their independence from the IRS and look to compromise based on their objective view of the facts
  • The opportunity to expose all weaknesses in the government’s case and negotiate skillfully to eliminate or reduce your tax liability

Keeping Your Best Interests In Mind As I Offer Legal Guidance And Action

Tax law is no different than many other legal practice areas in that the further through the system you must take the case, the more it is likely to cost you. My track record in appeals, backed by a reputation as a strong litigator in tax court, can be a tremendous asset as we seek the best outcome in your tax case.

To work directly and personally with me — a 30-year attorney dedicated almost exclusively to tax work and litigation for more than 20 of those years, please call 949-474-1820 or send me e-mail right now. Based in Irvine, I have helped thousands of businesses and individuals throughout Southern California and around the state.