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Creative employment relationships under scrutiny

Companies have been shifting employees to independent contractors, but the practice has recently come under greater scrutiny by state and federal agencies. Uber is challenging a California decision. FedEx has taken a different route and settled a large lawsuit in California, but is fighting misclassification cases in other states.

June 15 tax filing deadline approaching quickly

Who needs to file by the deadline? Most U.S. citizens and resident aliens living overseas must file a return. Even though the filing date for taxpayers living abroad is June 15, if taxes were owed the amount was due on April 15. Interest starts accumulating on any tax debt from the April 15 due date.

IRS releases 2016 HSA deduction limit: Why does it matter?

The inflation-adjusted health savings account deduction next year is $3,350 for self-only and $6,750 with family coverage. As employers scale back health insurance coverage, the HSA is a common feature of high deductible health plans – for example, family coverage with a deductible more than $2,600.