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Tax Controversy Archives

How much do I owe? Tax code complexity makes it hard to answer

Taxes involve a complicated social dance between government commitments to citizens and placing burdens on private activities, Decades ago, Justice Holmes famously called taxes the price we pay for a civilized society. More recently, many people have tried to tar them with a much more bitter brush and cut them wherever possible.

Small employers, complicated health insurance law: an update

In less than a month, state-based “exchanges” in California and across the nation will begin signing up people for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The marketing campaigns for these exchanges are already well underway.

Failing to change mailing address leads to trouble for taxpayer

On Sunday, we discussed a few tips for California businesses that outsource the handling of employment tax duties to third parties. Today, we have an ever more basic--yet critical--tax hint for businesses and it applies whether taxes are outsourced or completed in house: if you move, tell the IRS.

Payroll taxes and third-party payers: knowing who is responsible

The IRS is well aware that issues can arise for businesses that outsource the handling of their employment taxes to third parties. We discussed this issue in our April 26 post, examining the question of what happens when the third party fails to pay taxes due to fraud or financial problems.

Underfunding undercuts IRS effectiveness, taxpayer advocate says

Independent advocates are supposed to call them as they see them. They are not beholden to a certain agency or institution; they seek, rather, to make that institution and its stakeholders function more effectively, in ways that reflect the institution's founding values.