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California initiates program to investigate child care tax credit

Estimates of the average cost to raise a child are an exercise in sticker shock. U.S. government figures from the Department of Agriculture conservatively put the number in six figures for expenses such as food and clothing up to age 17. And the cost of day care and other dependent care expenses only add to parents' considerable financial responsibilities.

Regulation of tax preparers: California rules remain in place

The IRS has been progressively tightening its regulation of professional tax preparers. In this blog, we've been monitoring the roll out of such new requirements as competency testing and continuing education for tax preparers.

California uses third party records to help collect income tax

In a data-driven world like ours, federal and state revenue authorities have multiple ways to determine whether someone has not filed their taxes. Historically, tax system has been largely based on voluntary compliance. But enforcement also plays a role - and is becoming increasingly sophisticated as more and more information about taxpayers becomes available to government agencies.

Employers and wage reporting: fraud alleged in California case

We write frequently in this blog about employment taxes and the troubles with the IRS that failure to pay those taxes can cause. Sometimes, the troubles come despite the best of intentions. For example, when employers experience cash flow problems, temporarily tapping payroll tax funds can seem to make sense at the time.

A downside of e-filing: data fields ripe for tax audits

The problem of tax-return fraud involving identity theft is so large that there are many different aspects to it. Last week, we wrote about the issue of how the IRS is responding to the challenge of processing returns without undue delays.

Taxpayer advocate tries to put tax reform on the table

It would be an understatement to say that the federal tax code is dense and sprawling. Some people might quip that it's longer than the Bible - without the good news. It could certainly also be compared to Charles Dickens's novel Bleak House, a very lengthy tome with a suitably daunting title.

Tax deductions and charitable donations, part 2

In our December 14 post, we noted some tips from the IRS on how to properly claim tax deductions for charitable gifts. As the year draws to a close, and people make their last gifts to charity for 2012, there are a few more such tips worth noting.