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Ten Things to Know About Charitable Donations

Orange County tax attorneys will almost always recommend making charitable donations and deducting them from your taxes. But like everything else with taxes, there are right ways and wrong ways to do it. Avoid problems with the IRS by following their advice on what to know before deducting charitable donations on your 2010 taxes.

Good Records Reduce Stress at Tax Time, Prevent Tax Litigation

Orange County tax attorneys know that you may not be thinking very hard about your tax return this summer, but summer is still a good time to start planning for next years' filing and to make sure your tax records are well-organized. Maintaining accurate records, even in the summertime, will make filing your return much easier and will help you remember all the transactions you made with tax consequences during the year.

What Tax Filing Burdens Come With New 1099 Requirement?

In my last post, I discussed the new rules requiring taxpayers with business income to issue 1099 forms to any vendor from whom they purchased over $600 of goods and services in that year. There is more to discuss on this issue, such as what it will really mean to small businesses.

Tax Issues Related to Pot Legalization in California

Legalizing marijuana in California would have multiple, wide-ranging effects, both inside and outside the state, with tax implications across a wide spectrum. Ongoing debate concerning the subject routinely features discussion of tax litigation, tax evasion and tax fraud.

Case in Point: Why You Shouldn't Immediately Give In to the IRS

As discussed in the previous post, one may consider simply surrendering when the IRS comes calling with news of a tax audit and/or informs you that you owe money to the federal government. Just because the IRS says you owe money, however, it does not mean they are right.

5 Mistakes to Avoid if the IRS Comes Calling

If the IRS comes calling, you will probably wonder whether you should simply surrender or put up a fight. While listening to your gut instincts could help, you'll definitely want to think your next moves through before taking action -- or inaction. 

When the IRS Comes Calling ... Defending Against a Tax Audit

As the budget deficit grows by trillions of dollars, year after year, the government will be looking for money anywhere they can find it. This means increased tax audits - especially for those who fall into high income brackets. Owners of businesses, both small and large, will also notice increased scrutiny.