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California taxpayers may be affected by case against TaxMasters

Two weeks ago we discussed the bankruptcy and legal troubles of TaxMasters, a national tax firm. That blog post noted that the company had settled a lawsuit filed by one state attorney general, but that it still faced another. That other suit came to a conclusion last week when a jury in the company's home state found that its practices repeatedly contravened the state's Deceptive Practices Act.

Suffering complaints, national tax service declares bankruptcy

Many California taxpayers have undoubtedly seen the television advertisements for large-scale tax firms that promise aggressive representation in tax cases with the Internal Revenue Service. Two of those firms, however, have already gone bankrupt, and a third sought bankruptcy protection this week.

Court ruling allows bankruptcy trustees to garnish tax refunds

While many people dread the approach of the April 15 deadline for filing their tax returns, many California residents also eagerly anticipate the reward: a federal tax refund. But for taxpayers completing a repayment plan under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, the refund has been taken away in one judicial district in Michigan.