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Posts tagged "Identity Theft"

Identity theft scheme claims victims at height of tax season

It is deceptively simple, but effective - impersonate a CEO by "spoofing" his or her email and request W-2 information from human resources. Coming at the height of tax season, busy HR staff may not stop to question the true identity of the sender.

Be wary: IRS tax scams continue to evolve

A warning this week from the Internal Revenue Service describes a new variant on an old scam. The typical one goes like this: an impersonator calls and claims to be from the IRS. Then says you owe back taxes and must immediately pay over the phone or the police will come arrest you.

IRS warns against scammers who use the IRS name

It's bad enough being contacted by the IRS about a potential audit or an ongoing investigation. But in some ways it's even worse when scammers and various bad online actors send bogus e-mails purporting to be from the IRS. These scammers attempt to use the IRS name - or even its logo - to trick people into revealing personal information.

A downside of e-filing: data fields ripe for tax audits

The problem of tax-return fraud involving identity theft is so large that there are many different aspects to it. Last week, we wrote about the issue of how the IRS is responding to the challenge of processing returns without undue delays.

Identity theft victims and tax refunds: IRS still warning of delays

Identity theft that leads to tax refund fraud has been a significant problem for quite some time. The IRS says it is working on the issue. In our December 3 post we wrote about the agency's intention to use new software filters to do a better job at flagging fraudulent tax returns that are the product of identity theft.

Is government security for tax information adequate?

When you are involved in a tax dispute with the IRS or your state revenue agency, it hardly seems like these tax authorities are on your side. Indeed, sometimes aggressive tax litigation is required to resolve the dispute.

Identity thieves mimic IRS to capture taxpayer information

Taxpayers in Southern California may dread receiving communications from the Internal Revenue Service because they often contain the announcement of an audit or a tax deficiency. But people here and around the country have a new reason to be wary of potential communications from the IRS: identity theft.

Tax fraud and identity theft could be higher than suspected

In the past few months, we have talked a few times about the rise in taxpayer identity theft that has been behind a growing wave of tax fraud across the country. While nearly everyone has acknowledged that this is a grave problem, a recently released report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration says that it could be much worse than people had first thought.