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California Unfiled Tax Return Attorney

Assisting California Corporations

Unfiled Tax Returns | 949-474-1820

It’s not hard to get behind in your taxes. But allowing late returns to become unfiled tax returns can come back to haunt you. You know the IRS is out there looking for you. Waiting too long may result in failure to file penalties or even criminal tax evasion charges.

Come in from the Cold

Contact the Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kauffman if you have not filed a return and want to make amends. We represent individual filers and small California corporations with unfiled tax returns in addressing the consequences – which aren’t as bad as you think. Based in Irvine, California, I practice exclusively in tax law and have helped many delinquent taxpayers throughout the Orange County area get current and put their IRS problems to rest.

Many people with unfiled returns are afraid of what will happen to them when they get back into the system. “But won’t I go to jail?” they ask. And the answer is no, you don’t go to jail if you’re properly represented by a qualified, experienced tax lawyer. Your attorney can deal directly with the IRS without your worrying.

What Will Happen?

Depending on how long you have ignored your tax problem, and how cleverly you think you have dodged the IRS, you may be subject to a failure to file penalty. The IRS may have decided to “file for you” and determined an amount you or your small business owes. There may be additional failure to pay penalties. These penalties incur interest, which can add up over time. If the IRS believes that you were never intending to pay, it may charge you with tax evasion.

Contact my Irvine, California tax practice today. If you are proactive and cooperative, the IRS will probably not seek criminal charges. And I am often successful in reducing or eliminating any penalties. Filing those returns is the first step.