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Santa Ana Tax Fraud Attorney

Experienced Tax Attorney for California Businesses and Individuals

People generally and rightfully fear dealing with the IRS whether or not they have done anything wrong. This is primarily due to their sweeping authorities and that, in many cases, a business owner or individual does not know whether an audit will reveal some form of tax fraud or evasion. Contact me immediately if you have received a letter or phone call from the IRS informing you of an audit.

Increased Enforcement Efforts Could Impact You

In recent years, the IRS has ramped up and altered its efforts to uncover tax fraud and recover unpaid taxes. While the overall percentage of returns that undergo a tax audit has decreased, today many more business-owner and high-earner returns are being carefully reviewed and then audited than in the past.

No one will likely mention tax fraud, but you can trust me when I tell you some suspicion likely triggered the audit and an investigation is already under way. What “red flags” may have caused this suspicion, and what are some potential concerns? Among many possibilities, the most prominent tax fraud-related audit issues are:

  • Unreported business income
  • Overstated expenses, including a high level of charitable donations or others your tax preparer may have “manufactured” in an effort to reduce your tax liability

Fast Action and Thorough Preparation to Protect Your Interests

I will move quickly to analyze your situation and begin gauging your exposure to adverse IRS findings, penalties and other consequences. You can immediately entrust all communications with the IRS to me, and I will:

  • Respond to the audit notice on your behalf
  • Take appropriate action to avoid or minimize any adverse consequences of your tax audit, including identifying any additional deductions you may have been entitled to
  • Be thoroughly prepared to build the best case possible for an appeal or litigation if the audit reveals potential tax fraud or evasion

Turn Immediately to a Proven, Resourceful California Tax Lawyer

Even if you are completely innocent of any deception or wrongdoing — and whether your business or individual tax returns are being audited — I urge you to say nothing about your actions, beliefs or defense to the IRS. Instead, consult me, attorney Scott Kauffman in Irvine. I have been dealing with tax laws and authorities for well over two decades, and you will be in good hands.