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Irvine Penalty Abatement Attorney

Many people rest easier once they know they have paid off their debts and there are no bills out there hanging over them. Sometimes though, the penalties and interest that accumulate because someone wasn’t able to pay those debts on time create additional anxiety and burden. These feelings are often even more compounded when the bill is for a tax debt and penalties are increasing everyday the debt goes unpaid.

At the Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kaufman, I understand these feelings, and more importantly, I know ways to alleviate them and the penalties from tax debts that cause them. As a California IRS penalties abatement attorney, I am here to work towards the IRS forgiving you and releasing you from any and all penalties you have accumulated that are associated with your tax debt.

For more information about my services, please contact me today to schedule a consultation. I am here to work with you to reach the best result at the lowest cost.

Penalty Abatement – IRS Penalties and Interest Removal – How I Can Help You Achieve This

When you become my client, my priority as your lawyer, is to help you resolve all your tax problems so that you can rest easier and move on with your life without this issue following you into the future. My first goal will be to help you settle your tax obligations by appealing the amount if there are sufficient grounds or negotiating with the IRS through an offer in compromise and proposing a fair installment payment plan. By settling this debt before asking for the penalties to be discharged you will be demonstrating a good faith effort to the IRS that you are not trying to dodge your obligations.

Once we have settled the original tax bill, I will draft a cover letter outlining the reasons why we believe a penalty abatement should be granted along with the required 843 form that requests an abatement of all penalties associated with the tax debt. Some of the reasons that a full or partial abatement may be granted, include:

  • An explanation of financial hardship
  • A personal crisis, including a major illness
  • Death of a close family member
  • You were incarcerated for the year you are making the request for
  • A prolonged period of unemployment
  • Theft or destruction of your financial records
  • Previous involvement with another tax professional that led to your current problems I am helping you to resolve.

I can help you file abatement requests for every year in which you have accumulated penalties and interest. You must file a separate petition and form for each year, whether the reasons for the request are the same or different. My goal is to have a portion or all of your interest or penalty amounts forgiven for each and every year that we file a request for. In some instances, we can also request an interview where you can explain your reasons and answer questions by an IRS professional.

Contact me at my Irvine office today to see how I can help you with any penalty abatement needs you have and how we can work together to achieve peace of mind and a positive outcome.