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Irvine Payroll Tax Lawyer

Southern California Payroll Tax Attorney

Extensive Experience Defending Small Businesses With Payroll Tax Debt

Struggling businesses are forced to make tough decisions to remain profitable, often involving laying off employees and delaying rent payments. In some circumstances, businesses fail to pay their payroll tax on time with the expectation that they’ll have money before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) comes looking for it.

More often than not, this doesn’t happen. Instead, payroll tax issues become worse as interest and penalties keep adding up. If you are a business owner who is drowning in payroll tax debt, you need to act quickly. I am Scott Kauffman, a well-established tax lawyer, ready to help you. Contact me to schedule an initial consultation.

Tax Lawyer With More Than 25 Years Of Experience

At the Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kauffman, I have aggressively defended small businesses in front of the IRS for more than 25 years. I also have an extensive background protecting businesses with serious California State payroll tax problems.

If your company has been accused of improperly withholding payroll taxes, I will investigate your case to determine whether or not the IRS has accurately calculated your tax obligation. This is a complicated area of the law, and you will work directly with me – not a legal secretary or paralegal, with this important issue.

After conducting a thorough investigation, I will negotiate with the IRS, including:

  • Bargaining with the IRS to reduce the payment terms
  • Working with the IRS to extend your payments over a manageable timeframe
  • Making arrangements for the business operations to continue with a settlement describing how the old taxes will be paid

The IRS has the authority to place a federal tax lien on your company, affecting your rights to sell the property. At the same time, creditors are often notified of the lien, affecting your credit rating and ability to obtain loans and working capital. With tax law matters, timing and experience are everything. I have an in-depth background working with the IRS and will work to resolve your tax problems as quickly as possible.

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If you are struggling with your payroll tax deposit, I am ready to help. Contact me by e-mail or call me at 949-474-1820 to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.