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Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program

New Options for Employers Being Audited

If you are an employer who is being audited, there is a new option that may be to your advantage. The IRS has recently announced the launch of the new Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program (VCSP). The new program is a part of a larger effort to help taxpaying businesses get a fresh start and offers some certainty and relief. Instead of waiting for an IRS audit, consider this new alternative so you can focus on the success of your company or business.

Contact me, attorney Scott Kauffman, as soon as possible for a consultation. I am an Irvine, California, tax audit defense attorney, with advanced degrees in tax law and nearly 30 years of overall legal experience and well over 20 years devoted exclusively to tax work. I have the knowledge, experience and specific skills to help you and your business overcome an IRS tax audit, including exploring all options such as the VCSP. I also can aggressively represent you and file any appeals.

IRS “Fresh Start” Initiative and the New Voluntary Workers Classification Settlement Program

The VCSP is part of the IRS’s “Fresh Start” initiative. The program allows employers who are waiting for an IRS audit make minimal payments covering past payroll tax obligations. By doing so, the employer can become tax compliant. The advantage of this is having more certainty and relief now rather than waiting to be audited.

There are eligibility requirements that include the following:

  1. Employer must have consistently treated workers in the past as nonemployees;
  2. Employer must have filed required Forms 1099 for workers the previous three years AND
  3. Employer must not currently be under an IRS audit, Department of Labor audit or an audit by a state agency regarding worker classification

There are other specific details, such as the employer paying an amount equaling just over one percent of wages paid to reclassified workers within the past year. I can discuss whether you are eligible, the application process and further specific details with you in a consultation.

Contact a Skilled and Aggressive IRS Tax Audit Defense Lawyer

If you are a business or employer and you have received an IRS audit letter, don’t handle it on your own. Contact me today to talk with a skilled IRS tax audit defense lawyer. I can help. We will fight the audit aggressively and assist in an appeal. We can also explore options such as the new Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program (VCSP). Tax Litigation Law Office of Scott Kauffman is your best defense against an employer/business tax audit.