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California IRS Tax Audit & Appeals Attorney

Irvine, California, IRS Tax Audit and Appeals Lawyer

The Dreaded IRS Audit Letter

No piece of mail is more unwelcome than an IRS tax audit letter. That letter that says: “Come on down to see us or we’ll be out to see you. Oh, and by the way, bring in every scrap of paper you have even looked at over the last three years.”

If a certified letter from the Internal Revenue Service lands in your mailbox, resist the urge to burn it. Instead, contact an experienced Irvine, California, tax lawyer. Based in Orange County, California, the Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kauffman offers 20 years of exclusive focus in tax audits, tax fraud defense and other matters of taxation law. I provide skillful representation to owners of small businesses and individual taxpayers facing an IRS tax audit in California.

If you are an employer or business owner, ask about the new Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program (VCSP) and how it may be advantageous to your particular situation.

Let Me Handle That

An audit can be especially painful to you if the Revenue Agent believes you have committed tax fraud or tax evasion. You could be facing serious time in a federal prison, which is definitely not the “Club Fed” that you might have heard about.

Don’t Speak Without an Experienced Tax Audit Lawyer on Your Side

No individual or business should meet with or speak to an IRS agent directly. Revenue agents are trained to obtain more information from you than you are required to provide. Better to contact me, a knowledgeable and independent tax attorney, to handle all correspondence and meetings with the IRS. This puts the agent on notice that we are serious about winning the audit.

Tax Audit Protection Through Preparation

I approach IRS audits by actually performing an audit of your records myself or through my team of accountants before the scheduled audit date. This uncovers any weak points or inadequate documentation before the IRS agent examines your records. An audit is a process of reconstructing paperwork to show that your income, expenses and deductions were legitimate. If records and receipts are missing, it may involve ordering statements and copies of checks from your bank, or extrapolating from other years.

In an audit, the agent is looking for underreported gross receipts or overstated expenses. The IRS loves to audit small businesses, especially unincorporated enterprises. The agent’s audit typically begins with a given year and expands to multiple years as the agent makes changes. Our goal is to stop the tax audit in its tracks on the first audit year. When proper documentation is unavailable to prove legitimate business expenses, I work to prove income and expenses indirectly, thus reducing liability.

I will meet with the IRS agent on your behalf at their office or mine, but not in your home or workplace. This allows you to continue on with your business and personal life while your tax attorney deals directly and discreetly with the IRS.

You Can Appeal a Poor Audit Result

Many taxpayers ignore the opportunity to file an appeal when they disagree with the results of a tax audit. Some IRS agents are very good and are not out to skewer you. But if you were audited by an IRS agent in need of an attitude adjustment, or if you were represented by a previous lawyer who failed to protect you, exercise your right to appeal the IRS audit decision.

Appeal officers are not just rubber stamps, but professionals who pride themselves on their professionalism and their independence. They see their role as cutting deals. The appeals officer will assess your case in light of the risk that the government would lose in Tax Court. I have represented clients in many tax cases, and I know how to present your case to an appeals officer to reveal every weakness in the government’s case. I skillfully negotiate with the appeals officer to reduce tax liability.

Contact an Experienced and Aggressive IRS Tax Audit Lawyer

If you have received an IRS audit letter, don’t handle it on your own. Contact me today to talk with a skilled tax attorney. I can help. We will fight the audit aggressively and assist in an appeal. Tax Litigation Law Office of Scott Kauffman is your best defense against a tax audit.