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Failure to File Tax Returns – Irvine Lawyer

Whether it’s an economic crisis or due to poor luck, many people face financial problems at some point in their life. However, failing to pay your taxes can result in stiff penalties from both state and federal law. Although the penalties differ depending if you commit tax fraud, fail to file, or fail to pay, any additional financial penalty assessed to you can still have a devastating effect.

I can help you deal with these tax penalties by helping you explore your options. By making sound decisions concerning how to resolve this matter, you can minimize the penalty you need to pay. To learn more about my services and extensive experience as a lawyer handling all types of types of tax issues, schedule a consultation today by contacting me at the Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kauffman in Irvine, California.

Failure To File Tax Returns

Even if you have generated no income during a year, it is still important to file a tax return showing evidence of this and other aspects of your financial situation. I can help you with these unfiled returns so that the IRS has a full and complete picture of your financial history and cannot allege that you have not been reporting taxable income.

If you have missed the filing date or any applicable extensions, I can help negotiate payments with the IRS. If you have a reasonable cause for not filing on time, I can assist in presenting your argument and penalty abatement petition to the IRS.

Didn’t Pay Your Income Tax? There Are Solutions

If you have failed to pay income taxes that you owe, you will be subject to a penalty that accrues for each month that the tax remains unpaid after the due date. I can negotiate the penalty to be paid in full or as part of a payment plan along with the rest of the taxes owed. If a professional tax preparer did your return, I will also meticulously comb through your records to make sure you have paid the correct amount or can claim tax preparer error.

This penalty can also be forgiven if you show good reason for not paying the tax on time such as financial hardship. If you qualify, I will make an application to have the IRS deem you as being not currently collectible. I make every effort to find the best possible solution for my clients.

If you want an attorney who will advocate on your behalf and take a strong stand when dealing with the IRS, contact me today to schedule a consultation. I am here to help resolve your tax problems so you can focus on other things in your life. I also believe in reaching the best possible result at the lowest cost to you.