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California Estate Tax Audit Attorney

California Attorney Equipped to Handle An Estate Tax Audit

Estate taxes and estate planning intended to minimize them is constantly evolving. When someone in your family has passed away, proper handling of the affairs of the deceased can be a complex process. Many executors and administrators of estates do not consider the prospect of a tax audit as they carry out their duties.

If you receive notice of an IRS estate tax audit, please contact me, Irvine-based veteran tax attorney Scott Kauffman, right away. As with all other tax matters, I adamantly discourage people from talking to or otherwise interacting with the IRS. I will take care of that for you, protecting you every step of the way.

Contact the Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kauffman today for an experienced California estate tax audit attorney. Nearly 30 years of legal experience and well over 20 years devoted exclusively to tax work.

Total Preparation to Protect You From Adverse Financial Consequences

The essential difference between an estate tax audit and an income tax audit is that values of property and assets — rather than actual income, expenses and deductions — are the most common source of the potential tax controversy. It can be important to realize that:

  • Mistakes may have been made in setup of the will or living trust
  • Improprieties — willful or not — can occur in administration of the estate and preparation of necessary estate tax returns
  • Valuations of real estate, business interests and other types of property are inherently subjective, and your defense against any adverse finding could be strong

Experienced in Complex Property Valuation, Litigation, Trust Analysis and More

As a California tax lawyer with over 30 years total experience and well over 20 focused exclusively on taxation, I have assisted many people striving to get through an estate tax audit without incurring additional — potentially very significant — additional tax liability being assessed. I stay on top of current IRS and California tax authority practices — such as a recent attempted crackdown on marketers and those who benefit from “abusive trusts.”

I am strong in the analysis, resources and preparation essential for getting you through an estate tax audit. This includes interpreting and appealing any adverse results of the IRS audit, should they occur, by all available legal means.

Contact a Skilled Irvine Taxation Law Lawyer

My practice is focused on Southern California counties, including Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino, but I have handled critical tax matters for people virtually statewide. Call or e-mail me today — preferably before you talk to the IRS — for a consultation to determine your exposure and our best available approach.