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Irvine Tax Attorney – Collections and Levies

Irvine, California, Tax Levy Attorney

IRS Collection – Bank Levy – Wage Garnishment

When the IRS decides you owe money, and you don’t pay it, the government has a novel approach to payment – it simply takes your money. By filing a levy against a corporation’s bank account or garnishing wages, the Internal Revenue Service can extract back taxes or anticipated taxes if you did not file a return. The IRS can take up to 90 percent of your paycheck if you don’t take action!

If you have received a nasty “pay up or die” letter or notification of a bank levy, you need qualified legal representation more than ever. Based in Irvine, California, the Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kauffman represents small businesses and individual taxpayers in tax levy disputes, bank levy disputes and collection negotiations. Contact me today for IRS tax help from an experienced lawyer.

Before you can dispute a levy or IRS wage garnishment, you must first file your past due returns or an amended return. Once the IRS has the proper documentation, we can fight the bank levy or other collection action.

Alternatives to Forced Payment by the IRS

The IRS uses bank levies and wage garnishment as a last resort. These drastic measures are taken when taxpayers do not respond to “nice” requests for payment. If you are not disputing the amount of tax, but lack only the ability to pay it, the government will work with you . But first, contact an Orange County tax levy attorney to discuss your options and ensure you understand your rights.

There are a number of options available when you owe taxes and can’t pay:

  • Paying in installments (see below)
  • Petitioning for “Uncollectible Status”: (The IRS grants the taxpayer anywhere from a few months to an indefinite reprieve, but penalties and interest continue to accrue)
  • Offers in compromise (Negotiate partial payment)
  • Declaring bankruptcy (Not all taxes are dischargeable!)

The IRS Accepts Monthly Payments

The IRS will work out an installment plan with you. IRS guidelines for allowable expenses are very stringent, but the bottom line is that you only pay the IRS what you can afford each month, regardless of how big your tax bill is.

Before we contact the IRS, I review your financial condition and suggest a monthly amount that I believe that the IRS will accept and that you can afford to pay – thus avoiding an unexpected bank levy or garnishment of your wages.

Don’t Pay Penalties!

In addition to possible tax evasion charges, the IRS punishes taxpayers with penalties. These severe penalties can force taxpayers into extreme hardship. It is not uncommon for penalties and compounded interest to more than double the original tax liability! It is critical to have an experienced taxation lawyer on your side to avoid such serious consequences.

A well-kept secret is that IRS guidelines allow for many circumstances to relieve taxpayers of all penalties. Retain an experienced tax attorney to negotiate a reduction or total elimination of your penalty assessment.

An Experienced Tax Law Attorney Can Help

The IRS has many tools to get what it wants and to punish citizens, but there are opportunities for taxpayers to respond to collection efforts. The sooner you contact a savvy tax lawyer the better, but Tax Litigation Law Office of Scott Kauffman can help you at any stage of the process.

For tax law assistance in Orange County or surrounding areas, contact Tax Litigation Law Office of Scott Kauffman today.