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California Sales Tax Audits Attorney

Southern California Tax Lawyer

Providing Aggressive Representation for Sales Tax Audits

As budget problems increase in California, the state has become more aggressive enforcing and collecting sales taxes. The State Board of Equalization (BOE) — which collects sales tax in California — has become more aggressive bringing criminal tax fraud prosecutions against individuals and companies.

If BOE commences a sales tax audit against you, don’t try to negotiate directly with them. You need an experienced, aggressive tax attorney to protect your interests. My name is Scott Kauffman, and I have helped clients with complicated sales tax concerns for more than 25 years. Contact me today to schedule an initial consultation.

25 years of California Tax Law Experience

At the Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kauffman, I have successfully represented many small business clients in front of the BOE. This is a complicated area of the law, requiring an in-depth understanding of BOE’s specific sales tax auditing procedures. I practice exclusively in tax law, and I am well-prepared to help you with all of your tax law needs, whether you are facing a potential audit or seeking legal help for unpaid sales taxes.

When you choose me, you will work directly with me — none of my work is handled by legal secretaries, paralegals or other attorneys. I work closely with you and clearly explain the process and procedures of a sales tax audit. This permits you to make informed decisions about your case.

Comprehensive Understanding of State Board of Equalization Procedures

In California, the sales tax auditor will compare your total sales on your books with the total sales reported on the sales tax returns. The auditor will closely review your income tax returns, while comparing the sales tax reimbursement. To do this, the auditor will use several documents, such as:

  • Accounting books, including balance sheets and income tax returns
  • Sale and purchasing invoices, contracts and bank statements
  • Exemption certificates and other documents for exempt sales
  • Documents used to prepare sales tax returns

If the sales tax audit results are negative, I will work aggressively to resolve your tax dilemma. First, I will negotiate with the auditor’s supervisor to reduce the tax penalties against you. I am also prepared to meet directly with the district principle auditor to minimize your tax obligation.

Contact Me for Aggressive Representation

Contact me by e-mail or call me at 949-474-1820 to schedule an appointment.