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How to identify a pernicious W-2 tax scam

‘Tis the season for an annual warning about a scam used by cybercriminals to obtain identity information by requesting W-2 information. As the IRS and state tax agencies crack down on identity theft, more personal identification data is required to file a fraudulent tax refund return.

Coinbase must turn over information to IRS

Last week, the price of bitcoin crossed the $10,000 threshold after soaring for months. In the same week, Coinbase (a company that facilitates use of the cryptocurrency and others) faced a setback in an IRS investigation and will have to turn over records.

Wildfire-related tax relief and casualty losses

At the height of wildfire season, the biggest fire to hit Orange County in more than a decade destroyed 25 structures and damaged 48. The Canyon 2 fire, which got its name because just last month another fire had burned to the east, caused evacuations of several elementary schools and closed eastbound 91. By the end of the week, it has almost been fully contained.

IRS hires Equifax to detect fraud: Not an Onion headline

By now, everyone has probably heard about the security breach at Equifax that likely exposed the personal information of more than 145 million Americans. Who stole the information and what they plan to do with it remains unknown.