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California tax agency publishes list of top 500 tax delinquencies

California law is tough on delinquent taxpayers. The California Franchise Tax Board, known as the FTB, is the state equivalent of the IRS and is required by law to publish twice per year the list of the top 500 delinquent individual and corporate income taxpayers against which the state has filed tax liens.

Missed the tax filing deadline? Here is what you need to do

Computer crashed? Were you caring for an ailing loved one? Did you misplace tax forms in a cross country move? Any of these reasons could have prevented you from filing your tax return on time.

Tax debts being turned over to private collection agencies

In December, President Obama signed a transportation bill with a catchy acronym - the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. One provision requires the Internal Revenue Service utilize private collection agencies on "inactive tax receivables."

Bill placing taxpayer’ passports at stake going to the President

We just wrote about a proposed Congressional bill allowing for the IRS to limit, revoke or deny a passport to individuals owing more than $50,000 in tax debt. Known as the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act or the FAST Act, this is a part of a five year, $305 billion spending measure to fund a number of federal transportation projects.

Proposed bill would put taxpayers' passports at stake

A proposed Congressional bill would allow for the IRS to limit, revoke or deny a passport in the event an individual owes "seriously delinquent tax debt" of more than $50,000. This debt can include interest and penalties tacked on to one's tax bill.