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Legitimate business or just a hobby? How the IRS tells them apart

Hobbies are an important part of our lives. They offer stress relief, the opportunity to develop new skills, the ability to escape from the rigors of our everyday lives, and are an important part of allowing us to remain vital and active into our twilight years.

3 ways to trip the IRS tax audit scoring system

The overall number of tax audits continued to decrease with about one million individual returns flagged last year, which equates to less than one percent of all those filed. This number was 16 percent lower than the prior fiscal year.

What's in a name? Pop star's estate disputes with IRS.

Getting contacted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is one thing that can put everyone on equal footing. It does not matter if you are a regular Joe the Plumber or the King of Pop, a phone call or mailing from the IRS will likely increase your heart rate and cause you to break into a cold sweat.

Tax audit rate for those earning $1 million increases

A recent report from the Internal Revenue Service contained mixed news overall: a small drop in the number of individual tax returns audited in fiscal year 2015, but a slight increase in the review of business filings.

1099s: 3 things to know

In ancient Greece, a community of people called Pythagoreans attributed mystical and even sacred qualities to certain numbers and geometric forms.