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Ringleader arrested in international IRS call center scam

A 24 year old apparent mastermind behind IRS scams that bilked thousands of Americans out of millions of dollars was recently arrested. Indian authorities made the arrest, but the man had been listed in a U.S. indictment. 

In our November post, we shared the details of an October police raid of nine call centers by police in India. Seventy people were arrested at that time for posing as IRS agents.

Requests for back taxes and then threats

The sophisticated training for these call center workers included learning American accents to better impersonate IRS agents. Some of the high-pressure tactics they used included threats of immediate arrest if an individual hung up or refused to pay the back taxes.

According to CNN, these call center workers stole money from 15,000 people with a variety of fraudulent schemes, including the IRS tax scam.

Authorities are still investigating the total amount of money stolen, but it could be as high as $300 million. The ringleader was found to leading a “lavish lifestyle” from the proceeds of his scheme.

This latest arrest in India shows cooperation between international authorities to crack down on tax scams. But it indicates how intricate the operations of international crime rings have become.

If Facebook is any indication, these scams have not stopped. It is not uncommon that we will see people mention they received a call from someone claiming to be an IRS agent.

It is important to again caution that the IRS will not call you out of the blue, if it believes you owe more in taxes. The first communication is always via written form letter.

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