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What notice will you get before your passport is revoked?

This post is to follow up on our post from earlier in the week. In the next weeks the IRS will start sending out "seriously delinquent tax" certification letters.

What will they look like? Why is it so important to update your address? How long could it take to get a reversal?

CP 508C

The IRS has a form letter for every action it takes. And this is no different. The IRS will notify you in writing via the mail before it notifies the State Department.

A certification letter is sent to your last known address. If you who reside abroad for a portion of the year, you need to ensure you can access your mail or it is forwarded in a timely manner. Missing a certification letter could mean an unwelcome surprise at customs.

No grace period is available before the State Department takes action and revokes your passport. But the Secretary of State apparently will hold passport applications for 90 days before denying them. This could allow you enough time to resolve an erroneous certification, pay the tax bill or enter a payment plan.

CP 508R

This form letter is one that brings relief. As the 'R' designates, this form is to notify you of reversal of the certification. How do you get the IRS to reverse a certification? Our previous post explains a couple options.

You need to know that it will take the IRS at least 30 days to issue a reversal. It will then take the State Department time to reinstate your passport.

If you have upcoming international travel and outstanding tax debt of more than $50,000, talk to a tax attorney before traveling. Frequent international travelers must act proactively.

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