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4 Signs that tax bill is a fake

The most recent tax tip from the IRS is a warning about tax bills that appear to be related to the Affordable Care Act. But as we are often writing on this blog, they are fake and being sent out by imposters.

Often these scams involve phone calls or emails. But the IRS does not contact taxpayers through these channels. The IRS will never call out of the blue or use social media. 

Labeled CP-2000 for the 2015 tax year, this one is savvier. It mimics the IRS’s preferred method of contact – a written letter sent through the US postal service.

Here are four ways to tell if the tax bill is a fraud.

  1. The notice will appear to issue from an Austin address
  2. Information will be requested that shows you had insurance coverage in 2014
  3. On the payment voucher, the letter number is listed as 105C
  4. You are asked to send payment to the “Austin Processing Center” at a listed PO box

The IRS does use CP2000 notices when there is a mismatch between what you report on your tax return and what an employer/third-party reports. For example, if you transposed numbers while entering income from a W-2, you might receive a CP2000 notice.

Correspondence from the IRS will contain detailed instructions on what to do if you agree or disagree with the additional tax owed. For instance, you may be able to appeal the audit. A real notice will also ask that payment be made out to the United States Treasury and not the I.R.S. as is the case in the fake letters.

Speaking with an experienced tax attorney is the best way to get to the bottom of any tax problem.


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