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April 2016 Archives

Missed the tax filing deadline? Here is what you need to do

Computer crashed? Were you caring for an ailing loved one? Did you misplace tax forms in a cross country move? Any of these reasons could have prevented you from filing your tax return on time.

Avoid a late filing penalty with an April 18 postmarked return

Taxpayers have until midnight today, April 18th, to file their federal and California state tax returns to avoid a late filing penalty. Procrastinators received an extra three days to file this year, because the District of Columbia and IRS celebrated Emancipation Day on Friday.

Identity theft scheme claims victims at height of tax season

It is deceptively simple, but effective - impersonate a CEO by "spoofing" his or her email and request W-2 information from human resources. Coming at the height of tax season, busy HR staff may not stop to question the true identity of the sender.