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March 2016 Archives

FBAR awareness and filings increase in 2015

United States law requires citizens and resident aliens (i.e. green card holders) to disclose all of their income regardless of where it was earned. This includes reporting foreign trusts and bank and security accounts held in other countries. Depending on the value of the foreign accounts various forms are required.

Be wary: IRS tax scams continue to evolve

A warning this week from the Internal Revenue Service describes a new variant on an old scam. The typical one goes like this: an impersonator calls and claims to be from the IRS. Then says you owe back taxes and must immediately pay over the phone or the police will come arrest you.

Tax debts being turned over to private collection agencies

In December, President Obama signed a transportation bill with a catchy acronym - the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. One provision requires the Internal Revenue Service utilize private collection agencies on "inactive tax receivables."

Recently divorced? What you need to know about filing taxes

Anyone who has been through the divorce process knows that it is more of a marathon than a sprint. If you think you crossed the finish line with a final divorce decree in 2015, you still have one more decision. How will you file your taxes?