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Sometimes, as part of its collection efforts, the Internal Revenue Service will issue a levy against the property of a taxpayer alleged to owe back taxes. Levies are an incredibly powerful IRS collection mechanism; these asset seizures can result in a taxpayer permanently being deprived of the property in question.

An important point of note is that the IRS cannot use levies whenever and against whoever they want. There are rules regarding how this debt collection mechanism can be used. Unfortunately, the IRS sometimes runs astray of these rules, such as through errors, and ends up pursuing a levy against a person that it shouldn’t. Our wrongful levy claims page outlines some of the levy mistakes the IRS sometimes makes. 

Being subjected to a wrongful levy can leave a person feeling shocked and helpless. They may wonder if there is anything they can do to protect their property in the face of the wrongful levy. 

There are ways to challenge a wrongful levy. However, challenging a levy is generally not a simple process. Thus, there are many different important considerations when it comes to bringing a legal challenge against a wrongful levy. Receiving legal guidance regarding these considerations can be important when facing a wrongful levy.

Our firm uses our extensive experience in tax law matters to help taxpayers address wrongful levies and other IRS mistakes that can cause significant harm. We understand the complex issues these sorts of matters can raise and can assist individuals in pursuing legal actions in response to such matters.