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October 2015 Archives

Head of household audit letters: jumping through the hoops

If you received a Head of Household (HOH) audit letter from the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), you have some hoops to jump through. If you get such a letter and don't take action to verify your HOH status, it could cost you a lot of money on your taxes. It could also put you at risk for a tax penalty for understating your income.

When the IRS makes a levy mistake

Sometimes, as part of its collection efforts, the Internal Revenue Service will issue a levy against the property of a taxpayer alleged to owe back taxes. Levies are an incredibly powerful IRS collection mechanism; these asset seizures can result in a taxpayer permanently being deprived of the property in question.

E-filing still on the increase, but there is a downside

The IRS announced today that e-filing by business increased significantly this year. Nearly 8 million corporations and partnerships now file their tax returns online. This is about 625,000 more than a year ago, bringing the total percentage of businesses that e-file to 77 percent.