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July 2015 Archives

Automated notices about underreported income: the IRS isn't always right

If IRS computers spit out a notice saying that you underreported income or overstated your credits or deductions, that doesn’t mean those computers are right. But it is important to know how to respond if you receive such a notice.

Dissolving a California corporation: What taxes will you owe?

A corporation that dissolves will still owe California franchise taxes in the year of its dissolution. However, if a corporation fails in its attempt to dissolve it could owe minimum franchise taxes for even longer.

The IRS will not call you to demand immediate payment of taxes

This is an important message to remember as Internal Revenue Service telephone impersonation scams continue and become more sophisticated. In a recent news conference, an official with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) estimated financial losses from such schemes had reached $20 million.

Creative employment relationships under scrutiny

Companies have been shifting employees to independent contractors, but the practice has recently come under greater scrutiny by state and federal agencies. Uber is challenging a California decision. FedEx has taken a different route and settled a large lawsuit in California, but is fighting misclassification cases in other states.

Dealing with tax debt? Be aware of your options

How you deal with your tax bill depends on your specific circumstances. Even if you cannot pay it all at once, there are several different steps you can take. But you need to be sure that the response you choose is the one that makes the most sense for you.