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May 2015 Archives

IRS seizes business accounts on accusations of 'Structuring'

The Internal Revenue Service has used a law that was designed to track cash to catch drug traffickers and terrorists to go after small business owners. The crime is structuring or depositing less than $10,000 cash in two or more deposits to avoid bank reporting requirements.

First Swiss bank resolution through voluntary disclosure program

In April, the Department of Justice reached a non-prosecution agreement with Swiss bank BSI SA. This was the first resolution through a 2013 program that offered banks an avenue to resolve criminal offenses related to undeclared U.S. accounts.

IRS releases 2016 HSA deduction limit: Why does it matter?

The inflation-adjusted health savings account deduction next year is $3,350 for self-only and $6,750 with family coverage. As employers scale back health insurance coverage, the HSA is a common feature of high deductible health plans – for example, family coverage with a deductible more than $2,600.