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December 2014 Archives

Costa Mesa caught in a tax Catch 22 on medical marijuana shops

One of the best known poems in American literature is "Casey at the Bat." The ode, which a Google check indicates was published in 1888, relates the saga of baseball hero Mighty Casey and how overconfidence led him to strike out, blowing the chance of a win for his Mudville team.

When a tax debt catches a person by surprise

The U.S. tax code is a very complex thing, with all sorts of different rules regarding what specific things create a tax liability for an individual. Thus, it is possible for a person to owe taxes for something and not realize it. This can lead to a person facing a very unpleasant surprise down the road. Having failed to pay taxes due to lack of knowing they were owed can lead to a person facing a substantial tax debt and aggressive efforts by the IRS to collect that debt.  

From offshore to outer space: the universality of tax issues

It almost sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit: the IRS trying to tax astronauts in orbit. But this is no parody to prove a point. As CNN Money reported this week, the IRS makes no exceptions when it comes to orbiting astronauts.

Residency and state taxes, part 2: California considerations

In the first part of this post, we began discussing the Changing landscape regarding efforts by state and local governments to tax nonresidents who earn income there. Congress has not acted to create uniform national standards for such taxes.

Residency and state income taxes, part 1: times a-changing'

We've written a lot in this blog about Uncle Sam's efforts to tax income that U.S. taxpayers make in foreign countries. Stepped-up U.S. enforcement actions have had major implications not only for those with offshore accounts, but for financial professionals and institutions as well.