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November 2012 Archives

Tax liens, tax levies and taxpayers' options

The pop-culture press loves to report on the foibles of celebrities - including their problems with tax debt. Among those struggling with it recently are apparently the actor Nicholas Cage and former football hero O.J. Simpson. They are not alone, of course. Many people have tax debt.

California sales tax and Internet transactions

It's been a controversy in California and across the country for literally years on end. Why do bricks-and-mortar businesses have to collect sales taxes from customers when their online competitors so often do not - even when they are supposed to?

California payroll taxes and year-end uncertainty

Tax planning has historically involved making wise year-end choices, anticipating coming changes in the tax code. The need to be strategic about these choices has never been greater than this year, when several key tax cuts are due to expire at the end of the year.

Is government security for tax information adequate?

When you are involved in a tax dispute with the IRS or your state revenue agency, it hardly seems like these tax authorities are on your side. Indeed, sometimes aggressive tax litigation is required to resolve the dispute.

California accountant to be sentenced for tax evasion

If you are small business owner with multiple bank accounts, you've got to be careful what you put where. The IRS may very well be looking over your shoulder. If the agency requires an audit, it could seek to show that you tried to evade taxes by improperly moving money among the different accounts.

Start date for offshore tax evasion act pushed back by IRS

Much has been written, on our California tax blog and in the broader media, about the upcoming implementation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, also known as FATCA. Overseas financial institutions have been fretting about complying with the act's reporting provisions, but they can rest easy, at least for a time.