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Dealing with the IRS can be a frustrating experience. Save yourself a headache by contacting an experienced Orange County tax attorney if you are sent a letter or given a call by the IRS. Remember, there is no harmless contact by the IRS even if you have done nothing wrong.

One teacher recently found this out the hard way. He was called by the IRS and told that they wanted to audit his tax return. The taxpayer thought this was odd because he typically filed jointly with his wife and he had not even filed taxes yet that year. It turns out that his identity had been stolen and used to file a fraudulent tax return. Although the teacher filed an affidavit of identity theft fraud, he kept being harassed by the IRS.

After continued letters warning of an audit, the teacher and his wife decided to sue the IRS. They are annoyed that their name has not been cleared and that the IRS has not taken the proper actions in their case.

“We’re basically not receiving what’s ours because somebody else did something fraudulently,” the teacher said of his delayed refund. “And I just don’t understand why it’s affecting us.”

The couple still has not received their refund and hope that other identity theft victims will join their lawsuit as a class action. In our next post we will discuss further details of this particular case and highlight the importance of contacting an experienced tax professional to avoid experiencing a similar frustrating situation.

Source: The Tampa Tribune, “Tax fraud victims sue IRS for refund,” Elaine Silvestrini, Dec. 31, 2011