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Witches Plan To Curse Tax Authorities

All over the world, people feel cursed by tax collectors. It was only a matter of time before they would themselves be accursed by the powers of darkness. Witches in Romania (these witches may or may not be based in Transylvania) have warned their government that a hex may be put on government officials that require witches to pay income tax.

The threat -- no doubt noticed all over the world by tax officials and government officials, even Orange County tax attorneys -- has come about because of a plan to classify witches, astrologers, fortune tellers, valets and models as holding professional positions, which means income from these professions must be reported and taxed.

The change in the law is part of a Romanian effort to fight tax evasion.

Romanian astrologers have read the stars and have declared that taxing their minimal incomes won't help boost the federal budget.

One astrologer had a cryptic quote on the tax plan: "Astrologers are seen as riddles, like wizards and so on. Most astrologers do things with passion. So, perhaps the government will get more passion than money, because not so many people come to the astrologer."

One witch said that if witches were going to be taxed, then it was only fair to establish retirement benefits for these professional witches.

So, how will witches curse lawmakers if they go forward with the income tax on witchcraft? Witch Bratara Buzea says it is a simple matter: "It's a little spell made of some dog feces together with a little pinch of soil and black pepper."

Source: CNN "Witches, fortune tellers may be taxed under new Romanian labor laws" 1/6/2011

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