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August 2010 Archives

7 Tax Tips for Business Re. Employee v. Independent Contractor

Orange County tax attorneys know that if you are a small business owner you can hire people as independent contractors or as employees. How you classify the people you hire will affect how much you pay in taxes, whether you need to withhold from your workers' paychecks and what tax documents you need to file.

IRS Drops Offshore Bank Account Suit Against Swiss Bank

Orange County tax attorneys took note when the IRS announced Thursday that it would drop its court case against the Swiss bank UBS. Apparently the Swiss government prepared to release details on thousands of American clients with offshore bank accounts in Switzerland who are suspected of using their accounts to evade taxes.

Ten Things to Know About Charitable Donations

Orange County tax attorneys will almost always recommend making charitable donations and deducting them from your taxes. But like everything else with taxes, there are right ways and wrong ways to do it. Avoid problems with the IRS by following their advice on what to know before deducting charitable donations on your 2010 taxes.

IRS Examining More Offshore Bank Accounts

Orange County tax attorneys and planners are receiving increasing inquiries from clients about what they believed were perfectly innocent offshore accounts. Now the Internal Revenue Service is reexamining these accounts as they crack down on intentional tax evasion.

Businesses Targeted for Payroll Tax Audits

Orange County tax attorneys know that the IRS is prioritizing the collection of unpaid employment taxes from businesses, regardless of size. Nobody is safe from IRS payroll tax audits as the federal government zeros in on randomly selected companies and individuals in order to take back what it is owed.

Good Records Reduce Stress at Tax Time, Prevent Tax Litigation

Orange County tax attorneys know that you may not be thinking very hard about your tax return this summer, but summer is still a good time to start planning for next years' filing and to make sure your tax records are well-organized. Maintaining accurate records, even in the summertime, will make filing your return much easier and will help you remember all the transactions you made with tax consequences during the year.

Orange County Man Accused of $20 Billion Tax Fraud

Orange County tax fraud attorneys are monitoring the case of an Orange County man accused of filing false tax returns in which he claimed $20 billion in tax refunds. But that's not all: once accused, the man retaliated against judges, tax and financial authorities, Secret Service agents and federal prosecutors by filing false liens against them.