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June 2010 Archives

SEC Says Offshore Bank Accounts Used in Fraudulent Scheme

Fund manager Daniel Spitzer convinced at least 400 investors that their confidence in him was well placed and that they would be amply rewarded through their investments in his various funds.

Swiss Parliament to Hand Over Names of Offshore Account Holders

The hopes of American holders of secret offshore bank accounts in UBS AG - Switzerland's largest bank - ended suddenly last week after a standoff between the Swiss Parliament and the United States was replaced on June 17 by an agreement that reversed the former's previously held position.

Swiss Offshore Bank Accounts Not Cooperating on Tax Fraud

Orange County tax fraud attorneys were watching the latest development in taxation of offshore bank accounts. The United States government thought they had a deal with banking giant UBS and the Swiss government to root out tax evasion and tax fraud by Americans with Swiss bank accounts.

Defense in Orange County Tax Fraud Investigations

If you know of something in your tax records that would, rightly or wrongly, get the attention of the IRS, you should start thinking about your defense tactics. Ask any Orange County tax fraud defense attorney, and they'll tell you it's better to make a plan and take some action before an investigation by the IRS even begins.

Orange County Tax Audits: Misclassification of Contractors

Desperate employers who misclassify workers as contractors in order to avoid paying taxes and benefits could find themselves audited by the IRS and end up paying substantial penalties for failing to pay employment taxes and payroll taxes. Orange County IRS audit attorneys are going to be defending taxpayers more frequently this year over contractor misclassification. The IRS says it will audit 6000 random employers to see how many of them misclassify workers.

Orange County Tax Fraud Temptation: Homebuyer Credit

Orange County tax lawyers will tell you that one of the great tax credits in recent years has been the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit. To qualify for the credit, you must either be a first-time homebuyer, or qualify as a long-time resident purchasing a new main home. (To qualify this way, you need to have lived for five of the last eight years in the same main home). First-time homebuyers can receive a credit up to $8000. Long-time residents can receive a credit up to $6500.

Fraud Victim Cannot Apply Seized Offshore Funds to Tax Liability

Orange County tax litigation attorneys have noted an interesting case that recently came out of the U.S. Tax Court. The case, Kindred v. Commissioner, involved a man named David Kindred who was a client of Aegis Business Trust System. Aegis was involved in a fraud scheme.