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As the budget deficit grows by trillions of dollars, year after year, the government will be looking for money anywhere they can find it. This means increased tax audits – especially for those who fall into high income brackets. Owners of businesses, both small and large, will also notice increased scrutiny.

Essentially, if you are handling a decent amount of money, then the IRS is very interested in getting to know you better.

So, what can you do when the government knocks at your door?

The IRS is powerful, but not infallible. An IRS tax audit can be frightening, but if you are convinced that you are in the right – and you have the information to prove it – then there are ways to push back.

The best defense you can have against the IRS is well-kept records. Keep everything and keep it organized. If you receive a claim from the IRS, use your records to check the facts. Don’t assume that the IRS has done all its homework, or that claims are free of mistakes.

It is also important to stay in touch with IRS officials throughout your case. Once the IRS takes an interest in you, they aren’t going anywhere. Reply to all correspondence by the due date, and keep records detailing these exchanges.

By keeping things like proof of delivery on your correspondence, you ensure that, if mistakes are made, they cannot be placed on you. And if you do end up going to court, having all your documents in order will maximize the assistance a tax attorney can give you

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