Irvine District Court Tax Litigation Attorney

Skilled Advocate Handling Tax Litigation in District Court

Some types of tax controversy are complex and challenging to handle by any of the primary means of seeking resolution. If you have been audited and either neglected to file your appeal or your appeal produced an adverse result, you still have legal options. I am a proven tax litigator based in Irvine with experience in the federal district court located in Santa Ana and in other courts.

If you are embroiled in a tax dispute with the IRS or state of California, please contact me, whatever phase the case is in today. I will evaluate the matter and present all available legal options, with an eye toward your resources and the potential benefits and existing risks of tax litigation.

Unfavorable, Costly Audit? Failed Appeal? You Can Still Pursue Tax Litigation

After the audit and appeal stage, a citizen has three avenues to potentially reverse a tax liability assessment. I have experience in tax litigation in all these venues:

  • Tax court — the only option available to the majority of people who cannot prepay the full amount of tax the government says they owe
  • District Court — where a jury is selected and hears your case, which can be advantageous in some situations if you have the resources to pay the tax liability in question but believe it is unjust
  • The Court of Federal Claims

I am a veteran, resourceful tax lawyer prepared to assess all factors associated with your likelihood of success in tax litigation. If I am able to build a case for you, we may also consider your standing in the community. For example, we may have reason to believe that you would benefit from a sympathetic jury due to your reputation for integrity and good works.

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It is important to realize that the precedent for deciding a tax matter may differ between Tax Court, Federal District Court, and the Court of Federal Claims. This means that one venue or another may appear more favorable given all the facts of your case.

If tax litigation appears likely, it is essential to contact a qualified attorney as soon as you can to learn all your legal options. I have the experience to both assess your case and offer guidance on the most promising court in which to file in the attempt to get a tax liability assessment or other adverse decision reversed.