Irvine Wrongful Levy Claims Lawyer

California Tax Attorney Works to Rectify Wrongful Levies and Liens

When the IRS or another government agency decides they have a claim to your money or property, they may move very quickly to take it. Mistakes get made, though — more frequently than you might think — and the onus is on the victimized citizen to pursue a wrongful levy claim or go through proper legal procedures to demonstrate that a given tax lien is invalid.

These are complex issues that call for a skilled, experienced tax lawyer. After over 30 years in practice and 20-plus focused exclusively on tax law, I cannot be intimidated by the IRS or other government authorities' actions. If you need to take action on a wrongful levy claim, need defense as an innocent spouse held responsible for someone else's actions, or have other tax issues to deal with, I encourage you to contact me for a consultation.

Protection of Innocent Spouses and Others' Whose Assets Are Unlawfully Seized

A lawsuit or other action to recover your property may be necessary when a government agency, for example:

  • Levies your bank account or some asset without proper authority
  • File a lien on property or assets belonging to a child, spouse, ex-spouse or someone else not directly liable for an alleged violator's tax obligations
  • Follows up improperly on an amended tax return, or fails to allow the legally stipulated time to file such a return
  • Takes aggressive action against someone without all the necessary information — typically after a divorce, and often against a spouse or ex-spouse who has also been a victim of embezzlement

I have handled many cases involving protection of and recourse for an innocent spouse, as well as other wrongful levy claims. Whatever your current situation and tax-related problem, please contact my Irvine, California, office today to talk it over directly with me, veteran tax lawyer Scott Kauffman.