Irvine Jeopardy Tax Assessment Attorney

Skilled, Resourceful Tax Attorney Based in Irvine, California

If the State of California or another government entity has seized cash or other property from you because it claims you owe a tax debt, I will evaluate your case thoroughly and explain your rights and legal options. With over 30 years in legal practice, I am equipped to handle the most difficult state and federal tax matters, including jeopardy assessment defense.

The best time to contact me, longstanding California tax lawyer Scott Kauffman, is when you are first contacted by the IRS or a state tax authority about a pending audit or inquiry into your tax return. However, I am also familiar with the actions available once IRS collection efforts have already begun.

Taking Action for You After You Lose Property in a Tax Levy

Once a jeopardy assessment has occurred — that is, the government agency has procured an order allowing seizure of your property on the principle that it is in danger of removal — aggressive legal action is required to either:

  • Attempt to recover your money or property through litigation
  • File documents in an attempt to restore your tax controversy to the audit and appeal process, allowing us to present evidence that any tax liability you have is less than the value of what was seized in the jeopardy assessment

Often, if the IRS/government case is strong, the best attainable outcome is recovery of all or a portion of the tax assessment and negotiation of an installment payment plan to handle your tax liability.

Residency Issues — Unfiled Returns — Disputes Over the Source of Income

Many tax collections conducted through jeopardy assessment and seizure are related to issues of California residency. If a dispute exists over whether you have relinquished residency and whether you owe California taxes — or if you have failed to file returns, or the government believes you have obtained significant income illegally — a jeopardy assessment may be employed.

I have handled all types of federal and state tax matters, from relatively straightforward audit representation to appeals and tax litigation in complex situation including jeopardy tax assessments. You can depend on receiving respectful treatment and honest answers when you contact my office in Orange County for help with a difficult tax matter.