California Residency Tax Attorney

Assessed California Income Tax Although You Reside Elsewhere?

Whether you currently live in California or lived here in the past, you know that this is a notoriously "high tax" state. As of late 2009, the personal income tax rate for many people is established between 9 percent and 10 percent — whereas numerous less populous states continue to have no state income tax at all or assess it at a much lower rate.

The State of California tax authorities aggressively pursue people — especially business owners and high earners — who may move out of state but keep some California business interests or personal property. If you have been audited or contacted by the IRS and have a need to either dispute your California residency or contest certain forms of state tax liability, contact me today. Please do not tackle this problem without first talking to a qualified attorney.

Representing Businesses, Retirees, and Other Individuals in California Tax Disputes

With so many part-time residents and out-state residents conducting business here, the issue of California residency can be highly specific, complex and even quite subjective. Since establishing my Irvine-based law firm, I have assisted many people including:

  • Business owners who explore or complete a relocation to Nevada or elsewhere in the attempt to avoid high California franchise taxes
  • Retirees or business owners who want to keep a home in California but maintain residency in another state
  • People victimized by poor up-front tax guidance, a negligent or underqualified tax preparer, or the weaknesses of do-it-yourself tax software — often resulting in audits and unanticipated, sometimes significant California tax liability

Knowledge, Skill and a Reputation for Integrity that Can Benefit You

I have been a lawyer in California for over 20 years, focusing exclusively on tax issues all of those years. As a result, I stay current on major and subtle changes to the Tax Code, precedent-setting decisions, and trends in legal strategy that may well benefit you.

Engaging in a dispute with state authorities or the IRS over tax liability on your own is rarely a successful endeavor. If you have questions about taxation law and California residency, or you need help due to an adverse audit result, please contact me today for an in-depth, discreet consultation focused squarely on your issues, needs and goals.