Novel: In Deepest Consequences

Oftentimes, to win us to our harm, The instruments of darkness tell us truths, Win us over with honest trifles, only to betrays In deepest consequences.
- Macbeth

Calvin Samuels is a public defender with a passion for sticking by the underdog. His clients are desperate men and woman with desperate cases. Like John Rogers. Although Samuels saved him from a life behind bars, he couldn't save his life. Within months of his release, Rogers body is fished from the Ohio River, two bullet holes in the back of his head. Police speculate his was the result of a drug deal gone bad.

Believing he failed a friend who depended on him, Samuels seeks redemption in the representation of Mark Alexander, accused of the brutal murder of two drug dealers. Needing to believe in his clients innocence, however, Samuels is blind to clues that Alexander is not what or who he seems. Until he meets Allison Morris, Alexanders former lover and the prosecutions most damning witness. Could Alexander actually be Rogers murderer?

But when the trial finally reaches its stunning conclusion, Samuels descent into the maelstrom has only just begun.

Mark Spencer, author of The Weary Motel and winner of the 1996 Faulkner Society Award for fiction: "Scott Kauffman's novel pulled me in immediately and kept me engaged until the very end . . . . In Deepest Consequences possesses a rare power and eerie realism that make it truly unforgettable."

Novel: In Deepest Consequences

In Deepest Consequences, by Scott Kauffman
Price: $6.99
ISBN Number: 1932815627
Publication Date: December 2006

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Recipient of 2010 Hackney Literary Award

This prestigious writing competition recognizes excellence in poetry and fiction with prizes at the national level and for the state of Alabama. The Hackney Literary Awards, sponsored by the Cecil Hackney family of Birmingham, Alabama, was established in 1969.