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Am I Under IRS Investigation?

What to Do if the Internal Revenue Service Comes Knocking

There are no harmless inquiries from the IRS. If the IRS contacts you by phone or mail, you or your business is already under suspicion and the target of an active audit or investigation. This is not cause for panic, but it is time to call in a professional.

Taxpayers should NEVER speak directly with IRS agents, even if they have been completely honest with them and are completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Instead, you should retain an experienced tax attorney who deals regularly with the IRS to handle discussions on your behalf.

I am Scott Kauffman, an Irvine, California, tax lawyer with the taxation law background and 30 years of legal practice to defend my clients' rights and promote their best interests when the IRS pays you a visit. The Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kauffman represents small businesses and individuals in Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach and all communities of Orange County.

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It's amazing how many IRS cases begin out of seemingly normal conversations and blossom into a nightmare. If you are contacted by mail by the IRS, don't ignore it, but don't worry. A veteran tax practitioner can help. If you are contacted by phone, this will almost always be an IRS revenue agent. Politely decline to answer ANY questions. Tell him or her that you want to consult your tax lawyer and that you will call back within 48 hours.

Then dial my number IMMEDIATELY, especially if you suspect the IRS is auditing your return! Tax Litigation Law Offices of Scott Kauffman can provide solid legal counsel about any IRS problem and help you with tax audit preparation or initial strategies to counter tax fraud or tax evasion charges.

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If you have been contacted by the IRS, the most important thing you can do is obtain knowledgeable representation to defend your rights. You will no longer be hounded by the IRS as all communications must go through your attorney. Contact my tax litigation law office online today, or call  949-474-1820 to schedule your initial consultation and to discuss your situation.